Movement Unlimited Inc
178 Highway 20 West
Pelham ON L0S 1E5
Tuesdays 7-9 pm
You may join a course at anytime.
To cover costs there is a fee of $12/class.
Teacher: Michelle MacIntosh


Movement Unlimited Inc

There has been a remarkable increase in control and understanding of our external world, but this has not resulted in an increase in human happiness and inner peace. In fact, the opposite appears to be happening. Our minds are becoming less controlled and less peaceful. The solution is to understand our own mind. We need to understand our mind’s various parts, their functions, and how to improve all these functions and aspects. We can improve our external conditions and our body all we wish, but this will not bring us any real satisfaction or contentment. This is because our mind will remain trapped in bad habits and poor ways of dealing with conflict and strife. Therefore, we should try to improve our mind while we have such an opportunity.


What is the Mind? Feb 12
Positive, Neutral & Negative Mental Factors Feb 19
Mental Imprints & Familiarity Feb 26
Creating Causes for Happiness Now & in the Future Mar 5
Methods to Control Our Mind & Avoid Unhappiness Mar 12


Problems and difficult situations arise easily and sometimes all too often. Although no one wishes for the slightest inconvenience, if we think carefully, we shall discover that what makes a particular situation unbearable is our reactionary mind. We should not be surprised when things go wrong, because this is the very nature of human experience throughout history. Instead, we should learn how to tame our reactionary mind and transform it into a state of calmness, clarity, and wisdom. In this way we shall definitely achieve the quality of life that we so deeply desire.


Anger Solves Nothing Mar 19
Patience is a Virtue Mar 26
Blame is a Futile Game Apr 2
Why Worry? Apr 9
Depression is Self Sabotage Apr 16