Generally, death is a taboo subject. Many people do not want to think about their own mortality. Is this a wise strategy? Since death is inevitable how will we be able to die peacefully if we fear and avoid investigating the subject? All we shall succeed in doing is ensuring that our own death comes we will be miserable. We will be conditioned by fear, uncertainty, and pleading not to die. Those that have witnessed loved ones die, believe that since the deceased’s body shows the aspect of relaxation that this indicates a peaceful death. However, the truth is we have no idea what they were actually thinking or feeling as death descended upon them. Therefore, it is most prudent and wise to investigate and prepare for death well before its time of arrival. This strategy will ensure a  peaceful death.



10 AM – 1PM


Cost: $25

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Location: Samudra Kadampa Buddhist Centre

370 Main St E

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