Thursdays 7:30 – 9 pm
St Catharines Kiwanas Aquatics Centre
425 Carlton St/Lawrence Locke Room
You may join a course at anytime.
To cover costs there is a fee of $12/class.
Teacher: Joanna Cielen

THURSDAYS   7:30 – 9 PM

Most people have heard the term karma. It is most often used when someone suffers a consequence of their own negative actions generated  toward others. However, this is only a very superficial understanding of the law of cause and effect. We should understand that everyday we create a significant amount of karmic potentialities. These potentialities will eventually give rise to our future day to day experiences. Therefore, we need to develop the wisdom and discernment to create potentialities that will only bring good fortune and not misery. Learn how to make such wise and prudent choices!


What Exactly is Karma? Apr 4
The Power of Intention Apr 11
Actions and Their Effects Apr 18
Gaining Conviction in the Law of Karma Apr 25



Bad luck and misfortune are not uncommon experiences for human beings. When they arise, we naturally think that external circumstances are the cause, such as people, places, and things. Buddha had an entirely different explanation. He indicated that misfortune has arisen from our having harmed others in previous lives. Such actions are the cause and our personal suffering and difficulties are the effect. Had we not created the cause, we could not experience these effects. This course will explore how to prevent suffering from arising by purifying the cause before the effect manifests. Purifying past negative actions is one of the most wise and prudent practices that we can engage in. Learn the methods for freeing yourself from misery.


The Power of Reliance May 2
The Power of Regret May 9
The Power of the Opponent Force May 16
The Power of Promise May 23
Creating Spiritual Power May 30


Anxiety is a widespread malady and and eventually gives rise to mental exhaustion and despair. Fortunately these experiences are entirely created by our own mind and not external circumstances. ‘Fortunately’ meaning we can change our own mind, but we cannot change all the disagreeable people, places, and things there are in the world. This should compel us to make effort to improve our own mind as quickly as we can. In this way we can derive more enjoyment from our life. Since our human life is short and the methods to improve our life are available, it is unwise not to take advantage of these methods.


Find Refuge in a Mind of Peace Jun 6
Addressing Outer and Inner Problems Jun 13
Understanding the Cause of Anxiety & Burnout Jun 20
Letting Go of Conceptual Limitations Jun 27






The path to happiness is the transformation of our mind.

Discover for yourself Buddha’s timeless wisdom and the power of our mind to manifest permanent inner peace.

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