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Teacher: Michelle MacIntosh


Movement Unlimited Inc


Having a good heart means that we hold others needs and wishes to be, at the very least, as important as our own. Occasionally or even frequently we develop such an attitude toward certain family and friends. When this happens we are happy and feel self-worth. Buddha taught that we can achieve everlasting happiness, if we make our concern for others happiness universal and free from being limited to friends and family. This course will explore how and why we need to increase our good heart, so that we enter a path to everlasting happiness.


Would you help a stranger in need?


Would you be honest when dishonesty would benefit you?

Mar 31

Would you be generous even if you experienced some deprivation?

Apr 7

Would you stand by a friend even if they made a serious mistake?

Apr 14

Would practice patience when provoked?

Apr 21


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If we learn how to meditate correctly we shall be able to attain deep inner peace in this life and future lives. Even if we have meditated for many years there are still things we can learn that help improve our ability to control our own mind. Controlling our mind is the main purpose of meditation. With a controlled mind we shall be able to forebear any hardship with a calm, clear, and peaceful attitude. With an uncontrolled mind we experience frustration, anger, fear, and despair. Challenging situations become almost unbearable. Therefore, we need to learn to meditate correctly so that our live is both happy and meaningful.


Establish a Goal

Apr 14

Find the Object of Meditation

Apr 21

Developing Concentration

Apr 28

Avoiding Distraction

May 5

Sustaining Effort

May 12