240 Scott St
St Catharines ON  L2N 1H1
Door 5, west side of building. (upstairs)
Tuesdays 7:30 – 9 pm
You may join a course at anytime.
To cover costs there is a fee of $12/class.
Teacher: Michelle McIntosh

TUESDAYS   7:30 – 9 PM

Stress is an unpleasant feeling and usually arises from difficulty coping and accepting challenging situations. Although a certain amount of stress can enable competent actions and decisions, when the stress becomes too intense, it becomes debilitating. It is this type of stress that we should strive to first control and then abandon. The consequences of not doing this are often serious. Toxic stress can lead to substance abuse, poor physical health, and damaged or destroyed relationships. This course will explore solutions from Buddha’s point of view.


The Causes of Stress Jan 3
Changing Our View of Stress Jan 10
Creating Resilience to Stress Jan 17
How Meditation Alleviates Stress Jan 24
The Ultimate Cure Jan 31


Faith is an often misunderstood practice. A qualified mind and practice of faith is based on investigation and analysis. The result is, we resolve any doubts, confusion, or faults we may have initially associated with the objects of faith. In this way, our faith can grow stronger and stronger until it is unwavering. Otherwise, there can be no progress on the spiritual path to everlasting happiness. This is because we shall never be able to sustain the necessary effort to achieve any tangible results.


The Skill of Mindfulness Feb 7
The Skill of Contemplation Feb 14
The Skill of Effort Feb 21
The Skill of Wisdom Feb 28




There are many methods, including meditation, for improving our human nature and good qualities through developing the capacity of our mind. Discover for yourself Buddha’s timeless wisdom and path to permanent inner peace.