Foundation Program Open House is from 5:30 – 8:30 pm. The class is located at 196 James St at Lake St. Parking is south of Welland Ave on the west side of Lake St in the public parking lot.



Foundation Program (FP) is offered in St Catharines on Sunday evenings from 5:30 – 8:30 pm. The program was designed by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche as means to facilitate the development of our unlimited spiritual potential. The main purpose of study is to be able to integrate Buddhist teachings in our daily activities and improve the quality and scope of our meditation practice. This then functions as our foundation for lasting inner peace. The books studied are in order: Joyful Path of Good Fortune; Universal Compassion; The New Eight Steps to Happiness; Heart of Wisdom; Meaningful to Behold; and How to Understand the Mind. The cycle then repeats, and as a result, our wisdom greatly deepens and our ability to meditate and transform our daily life into happiness increases in power.
The program is taught by Gen Kelsang Rabgye, the Resident Teacher of Samudra Buddhist Centre.


Anyone may join Foundation Program. It is however, helpful to first attend General Program classes, if you are not very familiar with Buddhist teachings. In this way any doubts, confusion, or misunderstandings concerning these teachings can be resolved. If you feel that you have already reached this level of understanding, then you are very welcome to join.


Foundation Program was intended to be two classes held twice a week. However, since most people find it difficult to keep such a schedule, the two classes are merged into one evening. There is a break for refreshments and socializing between each class.


Unlike General Program which is casual and operates on a drop-in basis, Foundation Program requires a deeper spiritual maturity and commitment. The commitments of the program are: to make an effort to attend each class; to study and memorize to the best of your ability each particular text; to write an exam; to pay a monthly fee; to cherish the Centre, fellow students, and to maintain harmony; and finally to attend the tsog offering pujas [group chanted prayers] held each month. The purpose of the exam is to help you gauge the progress of your study. There is no obligation to pass the exam and no one is forced to leave the program should they fail.


If you have serious health issues or live a great distance from the Centre you can study from home. Teachings will be regularly emailed to you in the mp3 format. Should you have any questions concerning the teaching and commentary for any particular class, you are very welcome to email or phone the Resident Teacher for clarification.
For any other information please contact: Education Program Coordinator




Book being studied: ‘Joyful Path of Good Fortune’