If you find it more convenient to prepay for General Program classes you may arrange this according to the following options. Month by month, quarterly, (once every 3 months) or yearly. A principal advantage of prepaying is, you can attend General Program classes offered by different Samudra Centre teachers without incurring additional cost. Additionally, half day courses are offered at a discount. This is a special way of being able to more swiftly develop meditation skills, wisdom, and the ability to integrate what you have learned, into daily life.

If you live far away from Samudra Centre you can register to receive live streaming of classes.

Monthly: $50

Quarterly: $150

Yearly: $600

To arrange one of these options or for more information, please contact the Administrative Director, Carla Yewchuk at:

Email: samudra.ad@gmail.com

To arrange receiving prepaid live stream classes, please contact the Education Program Coordinator, Earl Holm at:

Email: epc@meditationinhamilton.org