Classes are designed to accomplish multiple purposes. First to introduce important spiritual concepts and understandings that enable us to improve our mind. In this way, we can learn to adopt attitudes and reasoning that enable us to better deal with the uncertainties and difficulties in our life. This includes learning about the power of positive mental factors that are the direct antidote to all negativities. There is also an opportunity to ask questions and clarify any misconceptions or confusion. Thirdly, the teacher guides students in their meditation. This guidance consists of clear explanation and understanding of what object or subject of meditation that is to be practiced in that particular class.


Most people usual wish to meditate to experience immediate inner peace. However, we cannot remain in meditation indefinitely. Thus we need additional practices that help keep our mind peaceful in everyday life situations. This is why classes are structured as described above.


Join classes anytime you wish. There is a fee of $12 to cover many Centre costs.