Transitions Studio
244 Grantham Ave
2nd floor, north door
St Catharines ON  L2M 4Z4
Thursdays 7-9 pm
You may join a course at anytime.
To cover costs there is a fee of $12/class.
Teacher: Joanna Cielen

Transitions Studio



with Joanna Cielen

  7:30 – 8:40 PM

No matter what kind of external circumstances we experience, we all have within us the potential to create a peaceful life. Careful investigation reveals the true source of our problems – they are found within our own mind. Difficult and challenging circumstances do not have to produce reactionary responses like anger and hatred. Instead, we can maintain inner peace and be the happy person that we have always wished to be. In order to develop such skill we need to establish a foundation for peace.


The Source of Our Suffering: The Self-Cherishing Mind Sep 10
Understanding the Law of Karma Sep 17
Discover Your Pure Potential – Your Very Subtle Mind Sep 24
Becoming Your Best Self Oct 1


From Buddha’s point of view, humans are never able to experience real happiness. This is because our mind is contaminated with various delusions that prevent real happiness from arising. He indicated, that if we identify these delusions and gradually reduce and then eliminate them, then we shall definitely experience real happiness for the first time. If we take this advice to heart, then we shall make our human life meaningful and worthwhile. It would be very unfortunate, if we were to grow older, only to become more unhappy  and despondent. Therefore, we should seek the methods to attain real happiness now, before our life slips away.


What is the Cause of Our Unhappiness? Oct 8
How Can We Avoid Suffering? Oct 15
There is a Path to Freedom Oct 22
Experience the Bliss of Perfect Happiness Oct 29




There are many methods, including meditation, for improving our human nature and good qualities through developing the capacity of our mind. Discover for yourself Buddha’s timeless wisdom and path to permanent inner peace.